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Bicycle Repair Appointment

Please fill out the form below to reserve a spot to get your bicycle serviced. After we receive your inquiry we will send you a follow up email confirming your request. 

*Please note that a 24 hour turn a round time on repair services may be subject to addition express service fees during peak season. We cannot guarantee a desired pick up date and time until the bike is dropped off for inspection.

Example: Brakes don't stop, bike doesn't shift correctly, wheel is bent
Example: Yes, my hands fall asleep or my seat is not comfortable.
Example: Yes, I need a good place to store my cell phone or I would like to be able to see who is behind me while riding
Example: 4/22 By 2:00
Example: 4/25 By 3:00 *Please note that if we need to get your bike back to you within 24 hours or less you maybe subject to a express service fee.

Optional Pick Up & Delivery Service

Our Repair Pick Up & Delivery Service fee is $19.99 as long as you are within 10 miles of 7765 Colerain Avenue. If you are 11 - 20 miles from 7765 Colerain Avenue the fee is $24.99. Over 20 miles from 7765 Colerain Avenue please give us a call at 513- 522-1551. The service fee is the same regardless of how many bikes we pick up / deliver.

Example: 5/23 at 10am
Example: 5/28 at 1:00