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April 20th

COVID-19 Update

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Our business is open and operating as normal as possible. When we post our store hours on our site, facebook, google listing can count on us to be here. We are experiencing high call volume with customers simply asking if we are open and the answer is YES we are open during our posted hours.

We are consistently cleaning counter surfaces, credit card machines, door knobs etc... throughout the day to help protect our customers and staff.



Our showroom is open but is limited to eight customers in the store at a time. All customers wanting to enter our showroom must sanitize their hands prior to entering the build. Recently we have had groups of people coming to our shop with only one person buying a bike or product. In these cases, we ask that only the person purchasing enters the building and the others please wait outside. This helps us keep things moving and reduces having other customers waiting outside.

Our showroom is operating on a first come first serve basis. We are not taking appointments for people coming to checkout new bikes or products in our showroom. For the most part during the week everything has been working well and in a timely fashion. On Saturdays things may get a little backed up from time to time but usually no one has to wait more than 10 minutes to get service.

We are allowing people to test ride bikes as long as they hand sanitize prior to riding.

Bike Repair & Service:

If your bike needs service please bring it by our shop and drop it off at the side entrance. Once you arrive at the side entrance we will have further instructions. We are getting bikes in and out of service as fast as we possibly can. We are averaging around a 3-5 day turn around from the time you drop it off to the time you get it back. When we finish your bike we will contact you via email and text to let you know that your bike is ready. At this time we cannot guarantee any return dates or times. We are extremely busy so please be patient. 

Contactless Service Available:

If you prefer to have contactless drop off and pick up for bike repair service just come to our store and park your bike in our bike rack located by our side entrance.
After you drop it off immediately call 513-522-1551 (opt 3)
*Please do not drop off a bike outside of our normal business hours. We cannot guarantee the security of your bike when we are closed.

For pick up just call 513-522-1551 (opt 3) when you arrive and we can take your payment over the phone. After that we will place the bike in the rack for you to pick up.
*Please note we will only put your bike in the rack outside once we see your car in our parking lot on our cameras.

Online and Phone Order Contactless Pick Up

If you purchased a product on our site or over the phone and want a contactless pick up we can leave the product near your car when you arrive. We will need to see your ID and the credit card used for the purchase. You can leave your windows up on your vehicle and show them to us through the glass.

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